The team

Jason Rivkind

I got into the lighting industry by chance and have now been doing it for 14 years. I qualified as an art director and graphic designer, but after a few years in the advertising and design industry I felt stuck and cooped up in a studio all day. I craved more interaction with people and needed to try something new, something with a design element. I fell in love with lighting and lighting fixtures, and the effect they have on a space.

I have a love of all aspects of life that involve design and how they affect and move people. I love how lighting transfers and complements architecture and interiors, bringing them to life after dark.

Robert Kalish

I have been involved in the lighting industry as a lighting consultant for 18 years, and am privileged to have been involved in many residential and hotel/game lodge projects in Africa and abroad. I initially qualified as an electrician and ran my own electrical contracting company for 18 years, which specialised in residential projects.

Lighting to me is the most important aspect of interior design, as it can transform an anonymous space into a functional area with a desired atmospheric effect. In most cases you have only one chance to achieve this. 

I have a passion for interior design, and that, together with my lighting knowledge, means I am able to assist clients with their choices.

Rodney Fittinghoff

I qualified as an architect from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1977. I developed a keen interest in lighting while I was in private practice between 1978 and 1997.

It may have been a “midlife crisis” decision, but I grabbed the opportunity to join Streamlight as a partner in 1998. I felt it was a way of pursuing my passion for lighting while still being involved in architecture and design.

I have always believed that both poor and good architecture can be enhanced when accompanied by successful, integrated lighting solutions. To provide such solutions has always been my goal since joining Streamlight.

Loren Einstein

I have always been driven to shed light on people's lives. As a qualified drama therapist who has worked in drug-abuse centres and with the mentally handicapped, I learned to look for light in dark situations.

Then came the chance to physically light up people’s lives.

Not only was I enthralled with the idea of creating spaces within the architecture, but I loved seeing the transformation of a flat space to a completed artistic creation. So, I took the opportunity and never looked back. I now have over 16 years’ experience in the lighting design industry, and look forward daily to transforming people’s spaces.