Jason Rivkind

I have a love of all aspects of life that involve design and how they affect and move people.

I love how lighting transfers and complements architecture and interiors, bringing them to life after dark.

Robert Kalish

Lighting to me is the most important aspect of interior design, as it can transform an anonymous space into a functional area with a desired atmospheric effect.

I have a passion for interior design, and that, together with my lighting knowledge, means I am able to assist clients with their choices.

Rodney Fittinghoff

As a qualified architect I developed a keen interest in lighting

I have always believed that both poor and good architecture can be enhanced when accompanied by successful, integrated lighting solutions. 

Brad Kalish

Being brought up by two designers has intrinsically embedded in me the value of design in both interiors and lighting.

Lighting is a fundamental in interior architecture as it gives the room life

Loren Einstein

I have always been driven to shed light on people's lives. 

I am enthralled with the idea of creating spaces within the architecture, but I love seeing the transformation of a flat space to a completed artistic creation

Vanessa Baptist

I have always had an interest in the creative aspects of life

 Coming from an art and retail background, I am fascinated by the ingenious ways lighting is used to enhance architecture and the interior design of a space