Streamlight provides lighting design and supply services, delivering creative and modern lighting solutions to its clients.

At the beginning of a project, a member of the Streamlight team will meet the client to obtain a detailed brief of the project and to better understand the scope of the work involved.

The ultimate aim is to meet the needs of the people utilising the space. A good brief will assist us in creating a visually stimulating environment that complements the space and fulfils the client’s needs, in the most practical and cost-effective manner possible.

Good lighting uses a combination of three main lighting aspects: ambient, accent and task lighting. These can be layered, with soft ambient lighting complementing accent lighting (which highlights feature areas) and/or task lighting (which provides functional lighting for a preparation area or workspace).

We advise the client throughout the process, and will assist with projects such as:

  • A costing that suits your budget and space
  • Bulkhead designs as part of the layout to create your desired ambient space
  • Selection of the correct lighting features, including ambient cove lights, down lights, and special hanging fixtures and lamps
  • On-site management: meeting contractors/specialists (interior, electrical, landscaping and automation) to ensure that the lighting design takes shape and transforms the space in the manner intended, from interior, exterior and landscape points of view
  • A variety of lighting products to transform your home cinema space, including fibre-optic starry sky lighting, colour-changing lighting, and ambient wall light and cove light effects

We also manufacture our own range of original products, which are fully customisable, and we can create bespoke items on request.