A romantic setting is more than just candles

  • 18 February 2016 | Rebecca Nattar


It’s the month of love and although we’ve just celebrated Valentine’s Day, romance is still in the air – creating a romantic aura at home is something that should carry throughout the year.

Attaining a relaxed, peaceful and intimate atmosphere in certain spaces can be very beneficial, – helping you to unwind and de-stress after a challenging week or long day. It also provides you with a convenient space in which to connect with your partner – whether it’s over a glass of wine and box of chocolates on the couch, a romantic dinner in the dining room, or a sensual massage in the bedroom.

For romance to prevail you must beguile your senses – sight, touch, taste, smell and sound must all be completely delighted. And this is where effective mood lighting comes in – it is imperative in setting the tone and feel of a space.

The desired lighting effect can be easily attained by dimming lights and subduing colours, creating a dreamy atmosphere. A gentle glow concentrated in the space you’re occupying can make the outside world fade away and help you be more invested in the moment.

Soft, warm lighting immediately creates a welcoming feel and also flatters facial features, while carefully chosen lighting accents on walls or a simple fixture used as a dining table centerpiece can enhance the mood.

Little lighting tricks, like keeping upper walls dark while illuminating the lower ends, and hiding light sources, also add to a feel of romance, lending a sense of magic and mystery to your time together.

Implementing the above is quite simple to do, with varying types of lighting and different light fixtures available to aid in your pursuit of romance.

Here are some of our favourite picks from Streamlight’s collection, and why we think they’re the perfect lighting options for a romantic interlude.

The Aura pendant light by Grok

The Aura pendant light by Grok

A subtle, calm colour palette is best for creating romantic allure. While red is often associated with love and passion, favour tones on the purple side and rosy hues. Pale, creamy colours also have an inherent glow that is very flattering when coupled with gentle lighting. Blues and greens are natural colours that bring tranquility and peacefulness to a space.

The Aura pendant is an awesome addition to your space because it offers you a beautiful light fixture and all of the above. An LED lamp is surrounded by a dome-shaped, ribbed white shade and suspended from the ceiling. Sitting inside the shade is an additional LED lamp with an RGB lighting system (This is an additive colour model in which red, green, and blue light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colours. The name of the model comes from the initials of the three primary colours, red, green, and blue) that is the secret to the pendant’s ability to emit light in different colours.


Paper chandelier by Moooi

Paper Chandelier by Moooi

Its classic, slightly vintage look is an ode to the bygone era of romance. The fact that it’s made from paper takes it to a whole other level – when off it enhances a room with its “lightness”, when switched on the chandelier’s little light casts a beautiful glow in a space. 

The Paper collection finds its allure in its  lacquered paper finish. The Paper Chandelier XL and Paper Chandelier L shades make the diffusion of light more delicate and subtle.





The Siam ceiling light by Bover

Siam ceiling light by Bover. Also comes in a four shade variety

It’s both delicate and striking, and made from carefully hand-wrapped ribbon. This lends a personal touch, making an immediate but lasting impression. Available in satin nickel or white finish, and hand-wrapped white, cream or red ribbon that makes up the shade.


Pretty awesome glow from a Nevo table lamp

The Nevo table lamp by Arturo Alvarez

What’s more magical than a glowing blossom adorning your tabletop? The Nevo appears to be constantly changing, and with its lovely cloud of volume and curves, its soft, subtle shape brings femininity to a room – when illuminated it casts a gentle glow and subtle shadows. Available in white, yellow, orange, gray, or beige, Nevo is durable, and easy to clean.


Central Park range from Karman

Ethereal atmosphere cast by Central Park lamps

Delicate, whimsical and utterly fantastical is the only way to describe the Central Park range of lighting from Karman. A shade with a lace pattern decorated with butterflies made in perforated steel, lacquered in white. And it comes in the form of a wall lamp, floor shade, pendant light or table lamp. It’s great for casting that ethereal glow in a room, creating the perfect escape.

Boxes outdoor lamps create a bit of mystery along this path

The Boxes floor lights by Vibia

Great for exclusively lighting up paths and the lower ends of walls while allowing the upper walls to remain darker. Boxes is essentially an outdoor lamp with a minimalist design. It's available in a choice of two colours, either khaki lacquer or matt oxide. It offers flexibility thanks to its adjustable projector. Boxes is great for that element of magic and mystery.


Boxes floor lighting by Vibia