The DARK Side

  • 25 March 2019 | Ricci-Lee Kalish

DARK is inspired by our young, stylish and passionate clientele. We want to offer them designs that are unique yet won’t break their bank. Through our constant travels and search for the perfect fittings and brands we have finally found the range our budding community of creatives deserve. Here are but a few of our favourite things…

Milan Fair: Euroluce

  • 28 February 2019 | Ricci-Lee Kalish

Over the years, these fairs have not only produced the most innovative lighting designs but have created a global community. Through this global community, Streamlight has found a family in Vibia, Karman, Rothschild & Bickers to name but a few. As we have said time and time again, it is our passion and our responsibility to travel the world in the hopes of offering you the best this very niche, yet necessary community has to offer, our next port of call? Euroluce 2019

What’s New - DARK 2019

  • 17 January 2019 | Ricci-Lee Kalish

It’s only been a few months since DARK has opened and we are happy to report that it is already growing bigger and better. Focusing on bringing you the best in interior décor and design, our team has been travelling the world in the hopes of finding you the most stylish pieces for your home and we have! Our newest range is a couple of weeks from launching and we cannot wait for you to see it! DARK’s latest range is inspired by clean, crisp and timeless pieces.

Streamlight, So Much More Than Just Lighting

  • 19 November 2018 | Ricci-Lee Kalish

Remember the days when interior décor and design were merely focused on what kind of marble goes best in the kitchen and which colour scatter cushion matches your curtains? When your only worry regarding lighting was if it was big enough and beautiful enough to fill up a space? It has taken decades and decades for things to change and they finally have, in no small part to Streamlight and its team of professionals.

Streamlight Focus: Karman Italia – A Fresh, Trendy, Summer Design Essential

  • 12 October 2018 | Ricci-Lee Kalish

As Summer slowly envelops us we can’t help but be inspired. The fresh, youthfulness of the season has us daydreaming of our brand of the month- Karman Italia. Founded in 2005 Karman has become a go-to design brand for unconventional decorative and designer lighting made in Italy.

Streamlight Gives Back! Show Your Support - The Ponelopele Project

  • 17 September 2018 | Ricci-Lee Kalish

Sometimes the most apt way of starting an article is also the most clichéd, yet nothing grabs someone’s attention quicker than a powerful quote, so here goes… ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give’- Winston Churchill. This quote, alone inspired Streamlight to look beyond their own world and realize the importance of giving back to South Africa’s community at large…But how and who?

Celebrating Women’s Month With SA’s Top Female Designers

  • 22 August 2018 | Ricci-Lee Kalish

It’s a sad state of affairs when we only celebrate women during Women’s Month. This should be a normal occurrence not just a novelty we do once a year. Having said that we promise to provide as much inclusive content as possible. Thankfully August reminded us how ‘one sided’ we have been. To get the ‘equality ball rolling’ we’ve decided to discuss a few of our favourite South African, female designers.


  • 03 August 2018 | Ricci-Lee Kalish

We’re passionate and focused on bringing our clientele only the best of the best. Brands that stand for the same intrinsic values as us. We’ve found it all with Bert|Frank. Focused on creating timeless, classic pieces with an industrial-era twist. It’s all about quality and craftsmanship, completely opposing todays throwaway culture. Dedicated to supporting Britain’s rich heritage of manufacturing, every Bert Frank product is designed in the UK from the highest-quality materials and is created to age with you.


  • 14 June 2018 | Ricci-Lee Kalish

Since Streamlight has been up and running, we have been fortunate to design in so many different sectors. Our ability to adapt to the certain design setting is something we pride ourselves on. From designing for apartments and the entire apartment buildings, to mansions and possibly our favourite- The hospitality sector. There’s nothing better than creating something that is not only beautiful on the eyes but makes everyone comfortable in its space and actually gives back to the community at large.

Design Joburg 2018

  • 31 May 2018 | Ricci-Lee Kalish

Over the years, we have attended many different design shows across the world, yet there is nothing more special than being part of one in your own country.  Not only did we take part, we had 4 different stands to be proud of! Our Streamlight stand, in collaboration with Float design, was clean, sophisticatedly-urban and minimalistic. With concrete wall panels, our beautiful Vibia lights and designer pieces thanks to Dark décor, we could not have been more proud!